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This page is for all the frequently asked questions you have about your tattoo you either have gotten already or are seeking to get. If there is any other question that is not answered here please do not hesitate to ask.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you're getting your tattoo from me and you have questions let me answer them!

Hopefully all questions can be answered here.

Does it hurt?

Short answer, yes. But I would describe it as someone scratching you with a toothpick a little harder than you'd like. And after you get it fully finished, it kind of feels like a rug-burn, or like someone threw a dogeball at you and there's a bit of that after sting. Still beats stepping a lego or stubbing your toe. It's like an annoying sibling, its there, its annoying, but they're cool.

What to
bring to your appointment

Things to bring with you to your appointment should include: a valid photo I.D. (this could be a Drivers license, Passport, or Photo I.D.), a beverage to keep you hydrated, snacks to keep your blood sugar high, and make sure to wear dark colored clothes (in case of ink splatters!), a lightweight hoodie (in case you get cold during your appointment), and anything else that would make you comfortable during your appointment (bring a friend if you want!).

What to do before your appointment

Make sure before your appointment you drink an avid amount of water, best not to have caffeine 4 hours before your appointment. (you don't want to be shaky for your tattoo), make sure to eat a hefty meal before you come in, this is crucial, especially in Arizona and the heat we have. You want to make sure you have food and water in your system so you don't faint.

How to locate
my studio

My studio is inside the Sola Salon Studios building. Located at 2811 Agua Fria Fwy, Phoenix, AZ 85027. It is next to Target and GNC. My studio number is #24. If your appointment begins before 5:59pm the door will be unlocked for you to enter and find my studio that way, if you come at 6pm (it is always locked on Sundays) or after on any given day the door to Sola will be locked and I will have to manually let you in. My studio is the far right corner from the entrance of Sola Salon, there is a map touchpad at the entrance to help you find your way if I am not there to guide you myself! Please arrive no sooner than 15 minutes to your appointment, I love diligent clients, but I time my tattoos pretty accurately that if you show up 30 minutes beforehand I am most likely still tattooing my prior client


I no longer use Saniderm or Dermashield.

If I wrapped you with saran wrap (plastic wrap/cling wrap):

- Keep the cling wrap on your tattoo for at least 3 hours and up to 12 hours. You may sleep with it until the next morning. Please do not re-wrap your tattoo with cling wrap.

- Wash your tattoo with antibacterial fragrance free soap (Dial is one of the favorites for this, no bath and body works fancy stuff) Do not scrub your tattoo, lightly brush away any excess plasma or gunk that may be leaking from your tattoo with washed and clean hands.

- Do not soak your tattoo in water (Bath, pool, Spa, Lake, Ocean) at all for the first two weeks. Letting your tattoo soak in these conditions can allow bacteria into your tattoo and it could get infected.

- Let your tattoo air dry or pat dry with a paper towel only, do not use a regular cloth towel as they can withhold bacteria.

- Healing takes TWO WEEKS. You want to use the Aquaphor, Hustle-Butter, or Eucerin for the first week on your tattoo, applying a thin layer every 3-4 hours as thin as a layer of chap-stick for your lips. You want enough ointment to prevent dirt and dust from getting into your tattoo but not as much to suffocate the skin and not let it breathe As for the second week, use a fragrance free white lotion such as Gold Bond, or Aveeno. 

-After two weeks of aftercare use you can use sunscreen on the tattoo, for the literal remainder of your life continue sunscreen use if you want it to stay looking good!


Things that will happen to your tattoo that are normal:

- Flaking and peeling, this is normal but if you see it happening make sure to moisturize with either lotion or aquaphor

- Bubbles of fluid under saniderm. normal, if it looks like a lot to the point it is soaking, take off the saniderm early.

- Itchyness. Again, normal, refrain from scratching and slap the area gently like a mosquito bite.

- Bruising or achy pain in tattooed area. Normal! I literally stabbed you with needles repeatedly, it can happen, most my tattoos feel like a dogeball hit them for the first couple days.

- Sunlight touching your tattoo feels like its burning. Normal just refrain from letting the sunlight hit your tattoo for the first two weeks.




Confused about what the tattoo style you're wanting is called? Let me help.







My shop minimum is $250

This is for anything that is deemed small enough.

If you want only one small tattoo it will be this price, but keep in mind, we can fit multiple smaller tattoos into a small amount of time as well if it's really small.

As of now I charge by piece.

Examples of how long a tattoo might take:

Generally, my butterfly tattoos that are between 2-4 inches wide can take 2-3 hours.

The monarch butterflies I do take 2 hours.

While a swallowtail might take 3 hours with their detail.

My larger illustrative flower pieces can take between 3-5 hours, depending on size and location.

My fine-line outline family portraits take 1 hour, depending on size and location.

My statue and other artwork related designs generally take me 2-4 hours depending on size.

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